Sunday, September 13, 2009

Etsy a place to buy and sell all thing handmade

I join Etsy on August 4, 2009 the place where you can buy ad sell handmade artisan products.Etsy is a very interesting website especially for artists,crafter and everyone who appreciate art ,craft and handmade goods.
I have list my first jewelry on the September 5,2009.I find that it is not that easy to get someone to view your products not to say to sell it because at Etsy, there are many artists doing what we are doing now. It really frustrating and dissapointed sometime to see your product with less than 10 viewer and waiting for someone to heart your products is such a pain. Some artists got hundreds of viewer and ton of hearts………..How they do that and I'll ask myself what wrong with my products and what else I need to do to improve my shop.

If we want to stand out of the crowd, our products need to be special, unique and on of a kind. Not only this I think marketing and promotion are necessary,I’m very weak at this point but I’m learning now.
I’ll not give up easily, in this world nothing is easy, everything need efforts, persistent and time to prove.


Becca said...

I love Etsy! Beautiful stuff :-) said...

Thanks!You have a interesting Blog

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